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WorldAviawas founded in november of 2013. Creator of the project company «Skyble».

Project’saudience –innovative thinking people, who are interested in aviation .WorldAvia is equally helpful for aviation specialist’s and analytics,  journalists and passengers, managers, CEOs in aviation sphere, and for everyone who love aviation.


WorldAvia is built on collaboration and joint creation model. It’suniversaltoolforall representatives of NextGen in aviation. Together with editorial staff of our site, people fill portal with power and life: write personal and corporative posts, read blogs of each other, public materials, are looking for a job, and the main, communicate with each other, that increase Safety in Blue Sky.

That's why our motto is: "Worldavia - Your's aviation portal"



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Tocontact us, just write a nemail to support service.


But remember:


I want to say You something. How to contact with You?


Before you ask something, try to visit information section – answers for main questions are published there.


I have a problem. What to do?


Wecan’tsolveallproblemsbut, ifsomethingworkingincorrect, wetrytoreact efficient – delete, add, change. If You find some error you can bravely inform our support service.


I have an idea. How to share?


If you know how make WorldAvia better – support service was created special for you. We consider all proposals. But before you public your ideas  - look in search: maybe somebody proposed similar idea.



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