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Flight safety11.02.2014 15:29

In this post I would like to talk about checklist. A little help: Checklist - a list of operations and values, that must be met and verified at certain stages of flight. Here is the example of checklist:





After series of disasters specialists realized, that poorly thought-out design of this important tool can lead to fatal consequences. The first disaster was wrecked MD-80, Nordwest 255 in August 1987. That day aircraft attempted to take off with flaps 0. This led to the stall of the aircraft immediately after take-off. During the taxi, controller changed runway-in-use due to wind direction. That moment crew was reading "taxi checklist", but due to distraction this procedure wasn't finished and pilots didn't set flaps in take-off position and began next checklist.


Aircraft and people on board were doomed at the moment when the plane took-off. Due to lack of lift MD-80 moved to stall and fall. Crew didn't hear the alarm message about non-take off configuration, because pilots (a common practice for this type of the aircraft) switched off one of the speakers. After that, there was a series of disasters, which showed the seriousness of the problem. Soon, investigating group, contacted NASA to develop new checklist, convenient and readable. Before this moment, such studies weren't conducted. The joint group analyzed dozens of checklists of various airlines.

Here is the result of this study: 

• number of items at each checklist was reduced to minimum; 
• crew has to start the checklist again in case of distraction; 
• cards were sorted in a logical order. 

Currently, many types of aircraft using electronic checklists. That's story of the everyday tool, which used every day by thousands of pilots worldwide.

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Posted by: Aviator
11.02.2014 15:29

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