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TCAS II     (2 photos + 0 videos)
Science and technology13.02.2014 18:32

Since October 2, 1910, when two Varchalovski brothers airplanes collided, it was clear, that sky is not boundless.

When air traffic increased – it  became more clearer.

Despite the fact, that air navigation service providers around the world making all the best to enhance the safety of flight, this is not enough to eliminate possibility of mid-air collision.

Trans World Airlines flight 2 and United Airlines flight 718 collision breathed new life into the Air Traffic Control (ATC). Collision over Lake Boden expedited development of the TCAS.

TCAS (Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System) – the last safety net against mid-air collision.

We wouldn’t describe technical aspects of this system, but we will describe what exactly pilots see in case of TCAS alert.


TCAS II indicator

TCAS II indicator


On this indicator pilots could see aircraft within a defined radius.

Depending on severity rating the color of the dot could varies from mild to red.

If the distance between aircraft becomes dangerous, system gives traffic information (Traffic Advisory - TA), and then, if trajectory of intruder aircraft is unchanged – avoiding instructions to prevent collision (Resolution Advisory - RA).


TCAS Resolution Advisory (RA)


TCAS Resolution Advisory (RA)


TA – voice alarm “Traffic, traffic” (“Movement”). It designed to pay pilot’s attention to potentially conflicting situation.

 RA – climb or descent instructions. Variometer shows direction and vertical rate of maneuver.

New system TCAS III is under development and it will include vertical and horizontal maneuvers.

TCAS is a ingenious invention in aviation sphere. It had prevented a lot of mid-air collisions and saved hundreds lives.

Thank You, TCAS :) .

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Posted by: Aviator
13.02.2014 18:32

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