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Sukhoi Superjet 100 on the Salak hillside     (4 photos + 0 videos)
Flight safety18.02.2014 21:02

Official information

On May 9th, Sukhoi Superjet 100 (hereinafter – SSJ100) took-off from military airport Halim Perdanakusuma, Indonesia. It was demonstration flight for two potential buyers.


Sukhoi Superjet 100


Sukhoi Superjet 100


After take-off, crew were cleared to climb to altitude 10,000 feet, on radial 220 HLM VOR to enter the training zone. There were mountains to the South from the training zone up to altitude 6,000 feet.

20 minutes after departure crew requested descent to altitude 6,000 feet and got ATC clearance. After that crew made a turn without permission. Due to high workload controller did not notice that aircraft left training zone and took heading to Salak Mountain. Salak has height 7,000 feet.

Soon SSJ100 crashed into mountain. All 45 people on board died.

Final report had been published in December 2012.

On that day, there was not enough people in ATC shift and controller worked alone on sector, which requires 3 controllers.

On the moment of crash controller had 14 aircraft in his sector and he reported that he was overloaded.

There were to related factors:

  1. SSJ100 was designated as Su-30 in flight plan system.
  2. Supervisor and controller did not receive information about training flight on that day.
  3. Crew used navigation maps for high altitudes and did not have information about terrain.

After crash supervisor reported rescue team about 1 or 2 people on board as he thought that it was fighter.


Sukhoi Su-30


Sukhoi Su-30


Just before the flight captain requested flight plan (FPL) change and decided fly to point BOGOR (military aviation training flight). That area has top at altitude 6,000 feet and crew requested descent over that area.

Flight to military area and high rate of climb and rate of descent made controller think that it was military Su-30 flying to training area.

What has happened?

According to VCR (voice recorder), investigators revealed that there were many people in the cockpit distracting crew.

Potential buyer was in the cockpit too. He was talking with captain.

Loss of orientation also had been revealed. Crew requested descent to return to the Halim airport. But crew flew wrong heading. Terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) gave signals 7 times but captain thought it was wrong alert.


Salak hillside. SSJ100 crash site.


Salak hillside. SSJ100 crash site.


Potential buyer confirmed that there no mountains here. Clouds blocked visual control. Crew could ground only 24 seconds before impact.

MSAW (Minimum safe altitude warning) at controller’s position was unserviceable on that day and he did not get any prediction about descent below minimum safe altitude.


An incredible and tragic coincidence of circumstances:

  1. Lack of information;
  2. Lack of people in ATC shift;
  3. Strangers in the cockpit;
  4. Using unsuitable navigation maps;
  5. Loss of orientation;
  6. Unserviceable MSAW

All this circumstances lead to accident.






According to ICAO documents, crew responsible for avoiding obstacles, except radar vectoring. Controller did not give any heading to crew. After 6 month of slander by Indonesian and Russian media, removal from air traffic control, controller was reinstated.

We hope that valuable lessons will be taken from this accident and it will never happen again.

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18.02.2014 21:02

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