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Ruslan and Ice     (2 photos + 0 videos)
This tragic accident occurred on December 6th 1997.     Antonov An-124   Antonov An-124, known as “Ruslan” carried out flight Moscow – Irkutsk – Vladivostok – Vietnam. Aircraft transported 2 military aircraft. 1 minute 20 seconds after take-off, crew reported about two engines failure and that they are trying to restart one engine. Than communication was lost. Houses with thousands of people were ahead of the aircraft. Pilots did their best to turn An-124 away from houses and tried...
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18.03.2014 15:55
Hi, Jack!     (2 photos + 1 videos)
Hijack – form of terrorism, when armed man, or group of persons, capture aircraft threating the crew or/and passengers.     Special forces   Exact origin of this expression is unknown, but according to one version… Bank robbers said: “Stick the hands up, Jack”, of briefly “Hi, Jack”.     Hi, Jack! :)   There are several reasons of hijack:   Draw attention to something. Money Political asylum Revenge Etc.   As you can see, reasons are different, but consequences usually are...
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18.03.2014 12:35
Sukhoi Superjet 100 on the Salak hillside     (4 photos + 0 videos)
Official information On May 9th, Sukhoi Superjet 100 (hereinafter – SSJ100) took-off from military airport Halim Perdanakusuma, Indonesia. It was demonstration flight for two potential buyers.     Sukhoi Superjet 100   After take-off, crew were cleared to climb to altitude 10,000 feet, on radial 220 HLM VOR to enter the training zone. There were mountains to the South from the training zone up to altitude 6,000 feet. 20 minutes after departure crew requested descent to altitude 6,000 feet ...
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18.02.2014 21:02
Flying Dutchman     (1 photos + 0 videos)
This case occurred in 1988 aboard Antonov An-12. Gradual decompression took place on the aircraft that day.     Antonov An-12   After reaching assigned flight level all crew felt weakness and loss of orientation. The day before all four people drank alcohol and they decided that this is symptoms of hangover. Soon entire crew lost consciousness. An-12 crossed almost whole Siberia on autopilot. Co-pilot came to life first, realized the situation and began an emergency descent. Soon rest of cre...
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13.02.2014 17:57
Crocodile caused aircraft crash     (2 photos + 0 videos)
 It has been reported that a small airplane crashed in Democratic Republic of Congo on 24th of August 2010, killing all but one of the passengers. The cause of the accident was an escaped crocodile, which created panic among the passengers and crew.     Crocodile had crashed L410   The propeller driven plane was approaching it’s destination when a crocodile, hidden in the smuggler’s hand luggage escaped and caused a distress. Passengers stampeded to one side of the tiny plane, causing i...
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13.02.2014 17:01

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